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As a former member of the City of Bradford Police and The British South Africa Police, it goes almost without saying that I would have an interest in most things Police related.

  My collection was primarily focused on the U.K. related Forces, but one cannot help pick up other badges.

In researching the badges, it has been a great experience hearing of the history of the Forces they represent.  Many of these no longer exist in their original form, but their legacy lives on through their insignia.

Please feel to contact me by email or FaceTime at: davidcushworth@me.com

My Skype username is davidcushworth

Or on WhatsApp at 1-302-981-7138

All badges are for sale, either send us an email about any you are interested in or visit our growing Etsy Store.

There are a number of collectors clubs, I belong to three of them : P.M.C.C.(UK),  P.I.C.A.(UK) and C.P.I.C.A.(Canada)

All photos are copyrighted and are not downloadable.  If you would like one, please contact me.   Thank you

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